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For Credit Repair Services


- Proven result- driven methods

- Easily Accessible Staff

- Zoom meetings

- Hassle Free Cancelation

- Our Team of Consumer Law Attorneys

- Credit Counseling

- Money Back Guarantee

- Membership Benefits

- Credit Monitoring

- Financial Education

- Auto and Mortgage Loan Prep

- Credit Solutions

- Lines of Credit Prep

- Credit Rebuilding

- Frequent Updates & Notifications

- Join our community

- Earn Badges and Rewards

- Our simple and interactive ongg

Our Clients Say




"I'm Cedric. I turned to Poof! bad Credit because I was looking to rent an apartment and my application was rejected because I had 2 charge-offs. I didn't think it was possible to remove them and lost hope.  I've heard of many credit repair companies, but Poof! made me feel confident that the decision I'm making is the right one, and it was!! With the knowledge obtained from Poof! Bad Credit I own a condo now. I'm looking to rent it out at a later time. I left Poof! with knowledge I didn't have prior to joining. I recommend Poof! Bad Credit to anyone serious enough to take that step forward."

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