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Our Money Back Guarantee

Other companies offer 100% money back guaranteed, but… they will keep your initial payment or charge a “small” fee per item deleted and that is not 100% TO US!

What does 100% Money-Back Guaranteed mean with Poof! Bad Credit? It’s this simple…

At Poof! Bad Credit, we actually listen to your concerns and goals, we are not just another automated dispute company. Poof! Bad Credit has an industry leading 100% Money Back Guaranteed. No company can offer or predict specific outcomes or results. At Poof Bad Credit, if we are unable to remove, fix or correct any of the (obsolete, unverifiable, incorrect) items that you hired Poof! Bad Credit to work on for you, from any of the 3 Main Credit Reports (Experian, Transunion and Equifax) in 180 days (6 months), you are entitled to a 100% Money Back Guarantee of all your payments; if you've continuously had credit monitoring services without interruption. Other companies may offer a money back guarantee with “a catch” or keeping your “Set Up Fee” if you cancel. If you reach your desired goals and you are happy with the results while in the Poof! Bad Credit Program, you may cancel at any time. Poof! Bad Credit will go above and beyond to achieve the best results possible while you are in our program. The credit repair process alone usually take 6-12 months based on amount of items to be disputed and difficulty of the case to achieve maximum results. Just like everyone’s situation is different and unique, results will vary from case to case.

Other companies will string you along with confusing language and promises, which may lead nowhere for months or years. They let you do all the work on your own and still require you to pay a monthly fee.

At Poof! Bad Credit we make it simple… If we’re unable to remove, fix or correct any of the erroneous, obsolete or unverifiable items on your behalf in 180 consecutive days (6 months) from the day you start our program, Poof! Bad Credit will refund 100% of your payments as long as a participant has had no interruption in service with the credit monitoring software.

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